About Us

FAITH Catholic is a nonprofit corporation sponsored by the Catholic Diocese of Lansing established to serve the Church. Our mission is to connect people with Jesus and his Church.

FAITH Catholic offers custom publishing, websites and digital services, integrated marketing, strategic consultation, and parish products to Catholic dioceses and organizations. We are America's largest publisher of Catholic magazines.

FAITH began in 2000 as a magazine for the Diocese of Lansing, and in 2003, began publishing for other dioceses and Catholic organizations. In 2009, FAITH merged with the diocese’s 40-year-old liturgical publisher, Liturgical Commission Publishings, to form FAITH Catholic. FAITH Catholic also hosts Masstimes.org, a tool for travelers to locate a church and Mass near them.

Contact FAITH Catholic

For information about publishing with FAITH Catholic, contact Marybeth Hicks at rmhicks@faithcatholic.com.

For general information about our company, contact us at 517-853-7600 between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. EST.


Copyright FAITH Publishing -  for exclusive use by FAITH Catholic clients.  All others contact editor@faithcatholic.com to obtain permission.


Publishing Platform Release Notes


  • Style/Layout/UX updates including
    • Main navigation font weight and size change
    • Bold text display improved for better accessibility
    • The link font is bolded and underlined for improved visibility 
    • Related Stories filtered by language: English/Spanish/Vietnamese​​​​​​
  • added module to configure auto-cropping of images across the websites
  • Added per-domain customization to include:
    • Ability to change Home Page Section Titles and More links
    • Display Kickers and Sections related to the client editor 
    • Add Browser tab logos
  • Added Related Stories to all article pages that filter by Kicker
  • Improved video embed capabilities for articles and Home Page
  • Server improvements for better website performance


  • Removed all-caps headlines from articles.  The field displays text as it is typed in.
  • Ability to add a second image to recipe cards
  • Featured Image media content type was upgraded to include Caption and Photo Credit
  • Added role and permissions for client editors
  • Developed domain-specific access to the platform