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 | By Adam Cross

Live with a resurrected mindset

This Easter season God doesn’t want you to just have Easter eggs and chocolate, although they are pretty great. He wants you to have a new and radical understanding of reality. In the midst of school, sports, friends and social media, God is calling you to think about and encounter the world and yourself in a different way, knowing that Jesus has truly conquered sin and death.


Heavenly view

Easter presents the surprising reality that death isn’t the end. Jesus shows us that after being scourged, mocked and brutally executed, there is new and abundant life. Jesus is showing us that what we think of the world through a mere human lens isn’t the whole picture. He is calling us to encounter the supernatural reality and power of our Father in heaven.

Remember the truth

Living in a broken and messy world, it is easy to believe lies about ourselves such as “I’m bad,” “I’m unlovable,” “I’m alone” and “I’m hopeless.” These lies can feel especially true whenever we encounter sin, suffering or evil, such as a broken relationship with a parent, bullying we have endured, losing someone close to us, or an addiction or sin we are struggling with. In the midst of all of this, Jesus fully reveals the truth that God is a perfect and all-loving Father who wants to spend eternity with us. Through the truth of Christ and his resurrection, your suffering has purpose and meaning, and nothing is impossible or pointless through Christ who is present in even the messiest places.

New life now

As we deepen our understanding of the power of Jesus’ resurrection, we are called to remind ourselves of this truth daily. As broken humans we often forget the radical Good News of Christ. Here are a few ways we can begin to have a resurrected mindset and be transformed each day.

Combating amnesia: Consider picking up Scripture and making lists of verses that remind you of God’s love and plan of perfect intimacy. Turn to the Gospel daily and the example of the saints for the strength and reminders to look at things not just as humans do, but as God does. (Mt 16:23)

Daily ‘yes’: When you are struggling with sin, suffering or life’s burdens, simply invite God in. He longs to carry your crosses with you and asks for your daily ‘yes’ to pour out his grace and love.

Name the lies: Calling out the lies we believe about ourselves, others and God helps us to shine light and truth into the dark and unhelpful thoughts we might be entertaining. Make a list and observe what lies come into your head. Invite God in to transform these untruths each and every day.

Healing in relationship: After his resurrection, Jesus eats with his friends and disciples and continues to reveal God’s plan of love to them. Each day God invites you to share your joys, burdens and meals with the people around you. Lean on your brothers and sisters in Christ, mentors and even professionals for support to pursue healing through relationships.

Pray unceasingly: Invite Christ into everything you do. God made you body, mind and soul. He wants to give you new life, not just in heaven, but beginning today. Your thoughts, emotions, relationships, exercise and hobbies can all be opportunities to invite God into your daily life and make everything you do a real prayer in the here and now.

In this Easter season, view the world and yourself through a radically resurrected lens. Embrace the reality that God is calling you to new life and live out the truth of the Resurrection in all that you do.

Adam Cross is a licensed marriage and family therapist in California, and he worked as a youth minister at his local parish for 8 years. Adam loves to integrate the Catholic faith into his therapy practice.

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